Hello all,

Under the biggest fish for a 4wt, two very good points were brought up that got me thinking. What's your favorite part of the catch. What's the part you feel is most exciting, which part keeps you coming back to the sport. As with most fun subjects like this, there is no right or wrong answer. I value everyone's perspective, and I hope everyone who wants to, joins in.

For me, it's the micro seconds before the take, and the micro seconds after the take when the fish feels the pressure from the hook and decides to fight the unnatural feeling with everything it has. It's that surreal connection to the fish I like most. The harder it becomes to attain that feeling, the more I like it. I'll spend an hour fishing to a fish that refuses my fly in search of that first connection. That connection that is validation for the hard work I've put in.

Small flies work best. Elephants eat peanuts.