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Fly Goddess,

I hope this question finds you out fishing.

Do you employ the same "Dip Steering" method with oars, as I do with my trolling motor shaft locked in a straight forward or reverse direction? If not, how in the world do you get that thing to turn without a handle to hold?

"And modified a Minn Kota for pennys to come up with one that I can control foward/reverse and all speeds from right next to me."

First off, I am sorry but the Minn Kota 30 I was using with the modified speed box is no longer with us. It died IN THE MIDDLE OF A LAKE ARGH!
I now have the MAXXUM 40. It is a sweet motor with more of a gradual reostat. The more you turn the handle the faster it goes, no clicks. I can have the blade turn real slow to hold position. A little more money but worth every cent.
In answer to your question...FINS or feet. I steer with my feet . I fish some waters where a motor is not allowed so I bought Fource Fins.
On windy days, I can kick allong with the motor on low to hold a position.
I did find out the hard way, that I can steer without flippers and just my feet, but I have to be going a little faster and the turns are not as sharp.

I haven't modified the new motor yet because of the warranty, but I an 99% sure I am going to do it anyway. The handle hits me in the back of the head when I go to dock and raise and tilt the prop so it doesn't drag. Same thing I did on my modified, but this new motor is 6" longer and to be honest, it BITES on the shore aproach. Nothing that can't be fix....I saved the wire tape and control box, he, he, he.