Welcome George,

I was raised near "The Falls" so I am very familiar with the area. Granted most of the fishing will be WW, but that's great cause you can fish in January!! Sometimes as comfortably as spring. I just live up the road in Altus, OK my family is still in WF. If you want to fish for trout check out the Blue River in SE OK. Also they used to stock below the Possum Kingdom dam on the Brazos(about an hour south) in the winter. We also stock here below the dam at Lugart in Altus. I've been doing alot of Gil catcing in the Wichita "mountains" widlfe refuge....great place also about an hour from you. Texoma is a little far for a day trip IMO, but would be great for the weekend. I don't know of a FF club in WF, but if you find one let me know. When you get settled give me a shout and I'll see what I can do to show you around. I don't know any other fly fishers around here so if I can help, let me know.

Good luck,

Carl Sims
Red River Fcu
Altus, Ok