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Hi Wild One,

On the Cabelas website they mention that the leaders come in tippet sizes from 3X to 6X (mine are all 5X tippets for my 4-5-6 trout rods) but there's no mention of line size.

My six weight WF Cortland 555 line threaded through like it was custom-made, so you may have a point when you say that they're only designed for lighter-weight lines. If they were any bigger than mine, they'd probably not get through the tiny end tippet on some rods.

It's unusual that SA doesn't mention that little detail anywhere. On their website at one spot they call it a Trout / Panfish leader and mention that it comes in tippet sizes from 2X to 5X.

That trout/panfish reference makes me believe that the L2L leaders are for trout/panfish lines in the 3 to 6 weight range. It's awfully sloppy of them (this is a big company with deep resources) not to be specific about the line-weight limitations.

Yep, that is exactly what I found and what my thoughts were. You probably have it right on with the connectors being meant only for 3-6 wts. that makes me feel a little better.