The other day I called a fellow that had offered to give my daughters boy friend a lesson or two about casting.
Well that never materialized( the guy is sooooooo lame)as the boy friend is kinda girlie.
I hung on to Jerry's phone number and again had occaision to ask for help.
A man should not try teaching anything to a wife or daughter (see, Im starting to catch on to the rules ).
Anyway I called Jerry to ask for help. This guy did'nt even hesitate a bit to help out.
My girl and I showed up and this fellow was a champ. He had my daughter pointed the right way in about ten minutes.
He said she was a natural( ok, she is my kid after all ) but I think a good example to follow and a few easy to understand explanations go a long way.
So Jerry, Thankyou very much for helping an aspiring angler and her Dad.
AKA Perch