To 'finish' our discussion of 'approaches' to bass fishing.

There is one left. It's become very popular for fly fishermen especially, due to the rising use of 'personal watercraft'.

It's the 'fish it all' approach.

Not the 'whole lake', in most places that's just not possible in a day, or even a year.

It's the tactic of thoroughly fishing everything you can get through in a day. Some start down a bank, or in a cove, and just move along, fishing whatever stucture or cover 'comes next'. You don't cover a lot of water in this type of approach, but you can learn an area well after just a day or so.

You need to be alert to changing conditions, and be prepared to change flies or techniques as indicated by what you find.

This a good approach to any 'new' body of water that you want to learn well. It will help you understand what is 'really there' and let you find the 'spots' that are the most productive.

So, you have three basic approaches to the fishing day. You can try to 'pattern' the bass, applying what you learn at similar areas alll over the lake. You can fish the best 'spots' you've been told about or know. You can fish one area thoroughly, fishing all that you can cover in one day.

All of these approaches work. I'm sure there are others, but with one of these three, or a combination of them, you can put some order into your fishing approach. This will allow you to understand what you find, put it into some frame of reference, and help you learn to be successful on a bass lake.

Good Luck!