There is more than one way to skin a cat (why would you need even one?).

You can, if you want to work that hard, try to 'pattern' the bass as we discussed in the last Tidbit. It takes work, it takes concentration, some folks might not even enjoy it.

Besdies, that's NOT how most bass fishermen fish, day in, day out.

The vast majority of us are 'spot' fishermen.

We target a certain 'place' or 'spot' on a body of water because we have caught fish there in the past, or we have been 'told' that a certain 'place' is a good 'spot', or even, it just 'looks good'.

Many very successful bass fishermen will use a 'milk run' approach, fishing a succession of these 'good spots' throughout a days fishing. Those who have refined this tactic even take into account the time or year, weather, and time of day in how they arrive at the 'order' in which they visit their 'spots'.

Often, the technique and/or flies they use can be 'specific' to the spot. OR, the techniqies used at a particular spot can 'change' given the time of year, time of day, and/or weather.

In any event, this is certainly the most common approach to bass fishing for most folks, and works quite well when the angler is fishing waters that he knows well.

A great 'aid' for this type of approach is keeping a journal recording your fishing trips. Such a journal should contain information as to 'where' you caught fish, how deep they were, what presentation was successful, along with obvious items like time of year, time of day, weather and water conditions. Plus, of course, any other information you feel should be in it. Can't put too much information in.

Compiling this information will allow an angler to refer back to similar situations, saving much trial and error (or reliance on that often unreliable 'memory' we all seem to misplace regularly).

Good Luck!