I was a beautiful spring morning, sunny, calm, a perfect day for fishing and boating. We launched about 8:00 AM, excited about trying out my new pontoon boat. By noon it started to rain a little, no problem I always pack rain gear.

Snug and dry inside my foul weather gear I continued down river, confident that everything was protected..except my hands.

By 1:30 PM a stiff head wind comes up. Rowing hard to make headway against the wind my body core was hot and sweating, but my exposed hands were numb with cold. By the time I got to the takeout I had completly lost the use of my hands.

My fishing buddy actually had to remove my waders and dig the car keys out of my pocket. I couldn't even hold on to the keys. If the takeout had been 20 minutes futher down stream I don't think I could have made it. I was completly unable to grip an oar much less row.

I now have an extra pair of neoprene gloves that live on the boat.