Last night I had my very first warm water fly fishing experience. Being someone who grew up in the Rockies and swore he'd never fly fish for anything but trout; this was a big deal.
I went with my father in law to a pond that just thawed two days ago about 3 miles from my house. It was his first time with a fly rod, my first time on warm water. I decided a smallish, size 12 olive bugger would bring something to hand. He picked out a fly that "the guy at the fly shop said was great." Actually, it looked like a well tied Clouser Minnow/Matuka Muddler hybrid in olive and black. Very attractive fly.
Anyway, on my 3rd cast I hook into 10 inch crappie and quickly release him. 2 casts later I land and release another crappie of the same size. My father in law is casting for all he is worth b/c he doesn't want to get out-fished by his son in law, hahaha. I move closer to him, and...pull in another-this time on a white zonker. Finally, he breaks down and asks for a little advice. I tell him to strip super slowly, with loonngg strips. The next cast he lands a 2-3lb largemouth!!
Moral of the story...I will admit that after just 3 crappie I am certainly happy with warm water fishing. I'll never give up my stream-lined, silver, cold water friends. I've just added to the posibilities of always catching fish!!