There is one sure way to become a better bass fly fisherman. Something all of us can, and probably should, do.


Fish as often as you can.

Don't 'put it off' until you have several days and can make a 'trip' to some far off lake.

Find a nearby lake, pond, whatever is handy and fish it often.

Don't pay any attention to the weather (beyond safety/comfort issues), time of day, time of year, or sun-moon alignments.

Go fishing.

There is no substitute for time on the water. All of the books, all of the flies, all of the high end rods, reels, and lines are much less important than a few days on the water actually interacting with the environment and fishing for the bass.

It's not the tackle, it's the fisherman. To be a good fisherman, you need to fish.

Good Luck!