Topwater - Large Sneaky Pete's especially the new Orange color and a Frog imitation.

Bottom - Wooly Buggers, V-worm, Craw imitations.

Mid-water - James Woods Bucktail, tied on a larger hook.

Here's a smple and effective fly that holds just below the surface. On your favorite Bass hook, medium length shank (baitholder), tie a tail of squirrel or rabbit zonker the length of the hook. Starting at the tail, wrap more zonker to the eye and tie off. YOU ARE DONE. The guy that showed me this called it the Wilds Hammer. Adding some glue as you go will help the fly last longer. The fur pulses like crazy and the fly seems to have a neutral bouancy. Play around with the pattern - I've tied natural colors and some fluorescent ones. I've also done some double tails to look like frogs. Enjoy!