I tie and fish a pattern I call a damsel spinner recipe is as follows.

hump back hook (ie for hoppers and such) in sizes 16-10
body- buck tail usually black, tied in about a quater hook lenth behind the eyeand extended nearly a full hook lenth beyond the bend.
thread- uni-stretch is what I preffer in light blue or whatever color matches your local damsels
wing- pearl flash-a-bou or to match local damsels
eyes- melted mono I like how these look kinda buggy

tying instuctions- I start by laying down a base of the uni-stretch then tying in the bucktail about a quater hook lenth behind the eye then wrap the hair down the top of the shank to the begining of the bend then wrap the remaining hair as an extended body and back down the hook shank to smooth the body tie in a small clump of pearl flash-a-bou for wings rightin front of where you started the hair then tie in eyes in front of wings,whip finish add a small drop of prefered head cement, and tada

to fish it you can put some floatant on it and fish it as a live damsel stuck in the miniscus by wiggling your rod tip or leave it as is and let it sink very slowly and hold on. I have caught some of my best fish on this fly tied on a 14 just letting it sink slowly and dead drifting it. With the bucktail tied to the top of the shank it seems to roll and tumble much like a dead damsel would in the current and the trout love them.