I actually took a college level bass fishing class years ago.

It was offeered through the local junior college. The fellow teaching it was an avid bass fisherman, a local guide, and he had a degree in fisheries biology (or something similar, ot sure of the terminology, it was a while ago).

One night a week for six weeks, we met in a classroom and went deeply into the bass, how to catch it, and WHY.

It was a fascinating experience. Lots of the 'science' of bass fishing.

One thing I still remember was him speaking about a study done at some large uiversity in the midwest (Kansas, Missouri, some place like that). They apparently discovered that bass DO have a 'memory' for shapes and colors. It explains one reason why some lures that are 'hot' one season may not be as good down the road (lots of other reasons, but it's interesting).

What struck me, thugh, was they lerned that bass apparently CAN'T remember 'long, thin shapes'. Explains a lot about why some of the all time most effective bass lures are long and thin.

In any event, even though we are fly fishermen, you can learn a lot about bass fishing in general from the conventional fishing folks. The concepts remain the same.

I don't know if such 'classes' are offered in your areas, but it wouldn't be hard to check. It might be fun and help you find and catch more bass.

Good Luck!