Robert, we used latex gloves to make ice fly grubs and even took it into one my tying classes as a demo for using all kinds of things found in our "environment." Black, red and brown thread all give a different look. You likely wouldn't know this beings you're from Florida, but ice fishers use "euro-larval" for gills. These are wasp maggots and incredibly effective. They came in all colors. So don't be afraid to experiment with other colors of latex. Balloons came in all colors, and my dental lady uses a beautiful purple latex that, when tied with the red thread (of all things), brings in the gills. These are all weighted with an underlayer of wire. I like flies with a little more life underwater, but hey, there are many, many flies tied that fit the non-life genre. Just for the record, a few years ago I hosted a ice-fly swap and found among us are many tyers who tie variations of this very fly. Some darned good ones, too. JGW