I love to fish with multiple rods in the boat. Since the lake I fish tends to be active with water skiers, pleasure boaters, and other fisherman, I have no idea where the fish are going to be located. I try to cover as much water as possible and see if they will take something on the surface, on the bottom, or anywhere in between. I guess thats why they call it "fishing". I rig a 2wt for blue gill with a small nymph pattern, a 4 wt with a surface pattern and a 6wt with a streamer of some kind. As I fish the lake I have no idea what is going to work so when I move into fishable water I tend to try them all. When my boys are home I will even rig their rods as well. I have gone out in my boat with 6 differently rigged rods. The down side is having to explain to your son that you stepped and broke the tip of his favorite rod. Six rods in a small 14ft boat gets crowded.