To day I took my wife to Michaels craft store and found a section full of feathers, of all types and for a reasonable cost. Also all size beads. 1000 for $2.99 a pack, I was like a kid in a candy store.I fished for many years and only recently tying flys. Story--Past summer Daughter and son-in-law invited the wife and I to a camping experience, actually we are invited quite often. Being an early riser, 5AM I was having a cup of coffee. and I heard the call of a peacock. When the grand kids were up and fed i took them for a walk to find the peacock. There he was facing a female with his tail feathers spread out beautifully.All I could think of was I wish i could get one of those feathers to tie flys. So I slowly walked around the cage to his rear. Just as I got in position he moved,. After a while I gave up. Lesson "go to a craft store it saves time."