I ended up making my punches out of bullet shell casings for almost nothing. I drill out the primer and slip in a 3/32 inch bolt with the head of the bolt inside the shell casing. I then tighten a nut down on the back of the shell case and I have a punch with a shank that works great with either my eletric drill or drill press. One final enhancement that I've made is to cut a slot in each side of the shell casing in to facilitate the removal of any popper bodies that may get "stuck" up into the shell casing. Anyway, I have them in sizes ranging from 22 caliber upto 50 caliber. To make a punch out of a high caliber shell with "sholders" on it, simply insert the finished punch into the drill/drillpress and turn it on to cut off the shell just above the sholder. This has proven to be a very economical way to get several size punches that work great.

Jim Smith