I am looking for a moderately priced travel rod, something that is on the smaller side that could be strapped to a backpack or left in the car. The primary use of the rod will be for the warm water largemouth, smallmouth, bluegill, and such.

I already own several of the TFO 4-piece rods, looking for something that breaks down smaller. I am comfortable with the action of the TFO rods and would prefer something similar. There are no fly shops in the area, so test casting is really out of the question and mail order is really the only option.

I was looking at the 6 piece 9ft 6wt TFO professional, the same series that I already use, but someone I had talked to said the action was not the same and I probably would not like it. Doing the math, the rod would break down into 18-inch sections.

Also considering the Cabela?s 7 piece, 9ft 6wt Stowaway rod. Never have cast one, but lots of folks like them. Doing the math on this one, the rod breaks down to 16-inch sections.

Orvis has their Frequent Flyer line of rods, they have a 7 piece, 9ft 6wt rod. Never have used an Orvis rod, so I am not familiar with the action.

Saw a 9 piece 9ft 6wt travel rod in an LL Bean catalog. It certainly breaks down into a small package. Never have used one of their rods either.

Looking to get some thoughts on these rods from folks that have used some of them.