Congrats JZ sounds like you've got a honey of a rod in the 5/6 already and the Orvis should be great too.

Start tying up those Pike Flies!

I use flies like these in saltwater on my 8 wt with a short leader tied on size up to 1/0 and 2/0 hooks
(Mustad 34007). For big flies on my 8 I try to keep them sparsely dressed to make them easier to cast and add some crystal flash to make them stand out. ... 1fotw.html ... 0fotw.html

and my all around favorite go to fly a sparesly dressed Lefty's Deceiver: ... 7fotw.html

And for top water, a Crease Fly:

Some of these SW patterns might work for you too in pike fly colors and shouldn't be a problem to throw on your 8 with a good WF line.

Good luck. Catch em up dude!