I just got a digital camear, so heres a link to pics from the swap, let me know if it works and how they look.


just click on the album, then on slideshow.

Thought it might be nice to have a swap for blue winged olives since I enjoy the flies and sometimes do pretty well with them. Tie what you like: dries, emergers, nymphs, wets are all cool. I think I'll just tie a simple parachute, maybe with wonder wings.

lets make it for 12 tiers.

Flies in the mail by March 15.

Please everyone send your flies in an envelope and box big enough to hold the flies you will be getting back. Also please enclose a self addressed envelope with return postage to send them back to you. I will be shipping first class mail uninsured unless you request otherwise. Please toe tag your flies with the name Of the fly and your name and email address.

Mail the flies to me at:

Rob Creamer
910 Greenfield Rd.
Leyden, MA 01337

Let me know what you think / if you are interseted.

And please post the fly you will be tying.

Hope to see some cool flies!!!


1. Me - Parachute BWO
2. dough - nymph
3. DianeID - Dry BWO
4. Vulture6 - Quill Body Spinner
5. MarkKillam - BWO Sprout Emerger
6. cklenske - paintbrush BWO hackle stacker
7. wireguy1 - quill body bwo dry
8. Normand - Barr BWO emerger
9. Aftershaft -
10. Ibrb - BWO Starling Wet
11. Harleybob87 - bwothrox
12. hcmiller - BWO Dammit! Emerger