Day 2 is the finals for the top 25. Since they appreciate the art of fishing in all its forms, the local BASS Federation club has volunteered to provide their bass boats for the 25 finalists. The owners will serve as drivers and observers. So you will have an 18-20 fully equipped boat to fish from. They insist however that each angler be allowed to take along 5 flies--duplicates or different patterns. Also each angler gets 2 rods because,"You never see a cabinet maker who uses the same saw for every cut." The rest of the rules are the same.

Assume you make the cut. Your questions:

Do you acept the ride in the bass boat? Why or why not?

What species are you going to target and where coves, channels, points)?

What rod weights, line, and fishing set up will you try?

What flies and what sizes are you going to use?