I can't believe that there is a group of fly anglers....just like me. I always thought I was an in-betweener, one of those odd ducks that would never be one nor the other. (At this point you're wondering if some nut case has jumped on here!) I am referring to that perfect little seam between the riffles and the shallows in the social and ethical river of fly fishing. (was that kind of...fem?)
I've been a fly fisherman for about 10 years now (though I'm still a young buck). I never really bought into the "elitism" like many anglers in my native state of Utah (oh how I miss that state!!) and the surrounding states in the west. But I always felt like a fly fisherman/woman was something special, someone to be respected and reveered. Finally, after reading many articles and a few posts here in the bulletin board, I realize that I am not the only one.
It is refreshing to see so many who are enthralled with the idea of standing alone against a raging river or creeeping in the tall grass to a meandering stream in search of self-betterment and perfecting a skill, while holding the utmost revernece for mother nature. I just want to say way to go, good on ya, and right on dude. (told ya I was young.)
I look forward to sharing what limited knowlegde I have and learning a ton from you guys. Oh, and some advice I'd give is represent the sport and the rest of us with class and dignity, and take a few minutes to enjoy nature. I had a high school biology teacher who used to say, "The answers to your questions you'll find in nature." I absolutley agree.