If you are an experienced angler take the time to help someone out on the water. Granted we all need some time ourselves to get out and enjoy solitude and nature itself; but by all means learn the ettiquette on a river. A select few of the guides on the Norfork river in Arkansas really gripe my soul. But that's a whole nother' story.

My point is if you see someone struggling to catch fish. Don't be a fish monger. Take the time to teach something if they are a willing participant. I can't stand to watch someone intentionally pull fish after fish from a beginners feet just to get a thrill out of pissing them off or getting them to leave what they feel is THEIR water. Just note not everyone wants your help. But for the ones who do,the rewards can be amazing. Pass along what you know. A SPECIAL thank you to the many men and WOMEN and instructors who took the time to show me tricks of the trade on the water or even share flies. My Father was a true advocate of this and I hope I will be as a great a teacher as he was.

Best Regards