I have a friend who has a new pond filling up. It will be about 2 acres with a maximum depth of 12 + feet. Right now only about an acre has filled with the rest being a shelf area that will mostly be 6 feet or less deep, if I understand correctly. He has made some structure, large stones, in the deeper water. We have been brainstorming about other things and plans are taking shape. He is going to put bluegill and LMB in the pond for sure. He is thinking seriously about smallies. He will have a well to keep the pond full.

We are now looking for info on stocking rates, water plants, etc... I sent him a copy of Rick Zieger's C&R article. What other resources are available. Are there good books in print that could help us out. Note that Google is my friend, so I'm exploiting that resource. Any ideas would be welcome. Note that my friend is a fly fisherman.