Hello All,

It?s time for the Warmwater, One-Fly Contest again. I asked this question several years ago and it created a large number of responses and a lot of interest. Since we have so many new members, I thought I would try it again.

We are going to have a Warmwater, One-Fly Contest on a southern lake in the last week of May. It could be NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL. The lake is an Army Corps of Engineers impoundment. The lake has lots of coves with shallow water, many points and lots of downed trees and logs along the shore line. In other words, there is lots of water available to the fly fisherman even with a floating line. There is also considerable deep water in the range of 40-120 feet. Schooling of stripers, hybrids and LMB often occurs in this deeper water

The lake contains excellent brim (and all their relatives), crappie, bass (LM, SM, Spotted), stripers, hybrids catfish (all types), carp and gar. A mathematical genius has devised a scoring formula that takes into account the state record for that species and awards points on a percentage basis of that record. The formula, which all consider eminently fair, also takes into account the daily catch limit and awards fewer points for those fish with a high limit reflecting the ease or expectancy of catching large numbers of that species. In an effort to encourage diversity of catch, your largest fish of each species counts double. Therefore, it is advantageous to target numerous species and not focus on just one species.

All contestants will be allowed one fly fishing outfit of their choice. They may switch spools and fish with intermediate lines and sinking lines. There is no limit on extra spools with different line type. Split shots and strike indicators (but not a fly) are also allowed. Fishing will be begin at dawn and can continue until dark. You allowed only one fly for the entire day. Obviously, durability is a major consideration. If the fly falls apart, you are finished at the point. If you break off the fly, you are finished.

You are allowed a tube, personal pontoon, canoe or other none-motor watercraft. No bass boats or motors allowed.

WOW, if you read all this congratulations! Here are the questions. What species are you going to target and where (coves, channels, points)? What rod weight, line and fishing set up will you try? What fly and what size are you going to use.

Just a little food for thought and my attempt to fight cabin fever. 8T