We took a friend to the Gualala R., up the coast, today for a snoop looking for steelhead. Found a pod of about 15-20 fish in some gin-clear water.
We drove Marv crazy as we could clearly and easily see the fish moving about the hole with the presciption polarized shades we wear. It took Marv at least 45 minutes to start seeing them (his first time seeing them uncaught } with his fitovers. Drove him nuts.
We wandered down to pester them for a bit and Marv elected to stay "topside" and spot. Lotta good that did....he lost'em soon as we left. We tossed for about an hour unsuccessfully before some company arrived, walking down the beach. We folded'er up for the day and returned to spotting. Yep, they were certainly still in the hole.
It was an absolutely grand learning time for Marv as he finally got to watch some fish and see how they reacted to people moving their hands, moving down the beach, moving in the water, water hauling during casting, and drifting itty bitty bobbers over'em.
Marv said he enjoyed the session and I know we always benefit having lessons reinforced to us. Generally makes one a better fisherman.
Oh yeah! One wild hen was landed by the kid who was flyfishing (no bobbers) while he had the spot to himself for lunch.....yahoo!
There were two pieces of equipment today that seemed absolutely detrimental to piscatorial success due to improper useage which spooked many fish.....waders and spey rods. When it's gin clear on these waters, stay out of it and don't slurp line on it. The most useful piece of equipment, other than the rod, line, and terminal bug, was polarized shades. KNOW where the bucket is and present stuff accordingly....yourself included.
I like to "catch" as well as most, but sometimes more is gained while "not catching".
...lee s.