Hey guys, I have a question if you don't mind. I'm going to visit my brother in texas and we're going to drive up to his cabin that he recently bought in southern oklahoma. on the property of the cabins (it's a small, private, rental community) there is a small lake, a few acres, that they say has fish in it. Just this year, I started warmwater fly fishing in my local lakes and had a good time catching bluegill and small bass on poppers. I've been telling my brother (we are both life-long trout snobs) that he will enjoy casting some poppers out on his little lake, and was looking forward to showing him how fun it can be when i'm out there. the problem is that it's going to be late March. the average temps around them are in the mid 60's. my question is, do i have any chance to get some surface activity on the poppers then or is it too early in the year? FYI, the cabin is not far from Beavers Bend State Park, so if anyone can offer some fishing advice for waters around there, it would be appreciated. i know there is a stocked trout stream in the park and also a huge lake (or maybe just a wide river) that looks fairly unfishable without a boat. it would be great if there was another small lake with shore casting room that held some good bass around there or a smallmouth stream that was wadeable. thanks for any help!