Same here I am 33 broken both knees, and had a couple of hairline fractures to my back, I am also one of those unlucky people that suffers from dry joint, nothing actually swells up it just hurts like hell. For those of you with bust knees, do you also find that your knee cap will dislocate spontaneously? Mind do, it means I cant hike very far and have to be very careful about just where and how far I go. One thing I always carry is a chemical hot pack (luckily I have a supply source). Many times this has helped stop a bad moment turning into a bad day. There are many little things like taking many short breaks, thinking about where I go in, sports tape is my best friend and a 7mm neoprene brace ( I got a local wetsuit manufacturer to make me one using a bought one as a pattern). Although water doesnt freeze here generally over winter it can get dangerously cold.