I love these threads. Great conversation and respect all around.

last season we arrived on the #8 pool and a friend was talking with another guide on how to go after the pod of trout in the seam.

They couldn't decide between a carefully laid down dead drifting elkH caddis or a semi-sunk patridge 'n yellow.

While they were at it (in a very friendly fashion), my kid ties on a #6 mouse, lays it out 35 ft, lets it SINK 2 inches and scrummed it back towards the beach at 30 miles an hour. 2 ft from the seam, a nice fresh sea runner about 14 inches jumped him.

After he netted it (BBQ season), the guide AND my friend were both tying on mice too.

It was the ugliest, non-finess presentation/retrieve they'd ever seen. (he learned it from me

Sometimes, it's just luck.

Christopher Chin
Jonquiere Quebec

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