O.K. so now I have come to realize that I might be a fly fishing snob. Foam flies with beadhead flies as droppers,quite a killing machine. I refuse to do it. Call me old fashioned, call me a purist, call me a snob.Maybe I just don't want to know how many fish I've been missing, but it's kinda like peeking at presents before Christmas, all the mystery is gone. It dosen't seem a sporting way to catch trout, kinda like fishing for bluegills with a bobber with your kid, it's great for the kid and fun to watch the expression on the child's face, but for a grown man ,well you get the idea. Not that I'm advocating the banning of the practice, everyone has the right to fish as they see fit. To wet fly fisherman like myself, banning fishing techniques leaves a bad taste in my mouth, Halford and all. I guess though , I've become a snob, I don't see the sport in it.
Take care , Jim