Spam spam spam spam... gotta love Monty Python...
But that's where the love of spam dies.
We have been getting individuals signing up and using the private email feature of FAOL to spam our members. ERGO.. There is now a 15 min wait between messages imposed by me. Don't like it? Me either, but until I can tie the spammers to the tracks of an oncoming train, it's the best I can do.

HOW MUCH DO I HATE SPAM? Well today on an unrelated issue I tried to send a friend of mine an email at his work which bounced because *MY* mail server was blacklisted. Actually it wasn't but my mail server correctly put my home IP in the list of machines that touched the email. AND VERIZON (fios) has blacklisted ALL it's IP addresses to force them to use a verizon mail server for outbound email. I DON'T WANT TO. MY EMAIL should come from MY domain. Grrrrr.. I hate spammers. Anyone got a spare train track and rope?