Dave Micus' column this week is hilarious! Can't wait to see the additions to his marketing arsenal.

Here are four from me --which certainly don't match Dave's inventiveness. Anybody have any others?

Lifetime Wire Wrap Kit - You can make thousands of flies with the wire wrapping included in this kit. Silver colored and copper wire in a wide variety of diameters. These wires come wrapped in a unique plastic coating to keep them shiny and unblemished until you are ready to tie them on your custom flies. A special tool is included to remove the plastic coating when you are ready for fresh, shiny, new wire. (El cheapo wire stripper and several lengths of electrical wire in various types.)

Custom Dubbing Creator - Why spend hundreds of dollars buying packets of dubbing to get the right shade you need? This special tool lets you create custom blends that will match the hatch on any stream in the world. From the legendary waters of the Catskills to the high mountain streams of the Rockies to even your favorite local pond. The dubbing you need can be made in seconds. Comes with a booklet of proven dubbing recipes. Works with any US electical system. Special adaptors are available for use when traveling overseas. (El cheapo coffee grinder.)

Wild Trout Flash/Big Bass Flash -- When it comes to catching the attention of your favorite prey, nothing matches the flash of Mylar. This space age material retains its shine for the life of your fly, even after hours of hard use. Available in two sizes to match your fly tying needs. (Thin and standard width Christmas tree "icicles".)

Day's End Creel -- At the end of a long day of fishing, you need two things. A cold beverage of your choice and a way to keep your catch fresh and tasty until you are ready to cook it over a campfire or grill. This versatile polystyrene creel will do both, plus keep your lunch chilled and healthy. Please specify size and color. Will be hand-stenciled with a beautiful monocolor illustration of your favorite fish prey for an additional charge. Rechargeable daily, but ice not included. (El cheapo cooler)

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