fishing folks,

I've decided to purchase either a pair of Simms Lightweight Stockingfoots - no gravel guards


Dan Bailey Lightweight Breathable Waders - with gravel guards.

my question is about the foot gear one should wear with either of these SF waders. I've read that sand and especially gravel can migrate easily into shoes, making travel uncomfortable and comprimising the water tight integrity of the neoprene stockingfoot.

I'd like to use something light that slips on easily - don't fancy laces. so here are a couple of water clogs i'm looking at:

[url= 936:ad85d] 936[/url:ad85d]

I've never owned waders before so i don't know what to expect. Prehaps a fellow wader can offer some possible alternatives or tell me if the foot gear i'm looking at will do the job, or is completely out of order.

since i've been led to believe that the stocking foot itself is most prone to leaking how concerned should i be about adaquate foot gear?

i'll be fishing oregon rivers for the most part, plenty of sand, plenty of gravel.

alternatively i can utlize some spare Xtratuf rubber boots from work... by cutting down a size 11 which is one size larger than i wear. and hopfully this will slip on my size ten stocking foot waders.

{this is my personal preference since i wear XtraTuf boots a lot and like them}

also any advice about the respective merits of these two wader brands would be appreciated.

thanks for your patience with a perplexed shopper.