Hi All, I have been away from fly fishing for several years and now that I am retired and have the time I have returned to the sport. One of the rivers that I have access to in my area is very fast and access without a boat is limited. The problem I am having is in how to fish the water I can access and should I expect it to hold fish. In most of the access points there are no visible rocks or sandbars to break up the flow of water. The bottom has many rocks on it. I have looked for seams that are reachable but there are very few. This river, the American in northen Cal, is quite wide, not extremely deep, but fast flows. I have been able to wade in several spots and I have been able to see fish moving through the area. I am mostly using sinking line and casting either up stream or across stream and then stripping line to move my fly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.