I have had a few recent problems with braided loop to loop connectors but like to be able to attach a short sinking tip to the end of my fly line at times. I have made a connection to the end of my fly line by tapering the very end and then doubling back about one inch of the line. At this point I used fine silk fly tying thread in a contrasting color for visibility and wrapped about 3/8 in a manner much like starting thread on a hook to begin tying a fly. After this I whip finished the wraps and coated the knot with waterproof glue. This allowed for a very small loop in the end of the fly line for attaching leaders sink tips etc. The smaller end loop seems to run smoothly through the guides and seems strong enough for the fishing I do on an ultra light setup. My question would be, if there are any inherent problems with this. Please advise on this as it seems a very simple solution but I have not heard of anyone using it before. Any feedback would be appreciated.