I have been fishing with a sinking line with a little metal eyelet to tie my leaders to. Been on line probably a bit over two yrs. I have stated before that I have never broken one. Well, now I have. In a good way though. I was sitting out on the lake....actually way out in the middle of it. My leader had a kink and I was trying to stretch the kink out...when BAM...(yeah Emmerrill....take that)...BAM and the fly line broke off at the needle end of the eyelet.

I sat there for an hour I bet....in my float tube....not fishing.....sticking that darn thing in my finger a bunch of times and couldn't get it to work. Unprepared for this? Yea....I didn't know how to tie a nail knot.....and had no tool. I finally tied a triple surgeons and commenced fishing. I was stuck for over an hour by not being prepared.

I will learn some more knots and get a tool. But I will also try to think....and have other stuff in my little boat for times like these.