Yesterday we were doing all right fishing a mountain lake. Each of us having caught several nice14-16 inch rainbows. The best pattern seemed to be a case caddis suggested to me that morning by the Local fly-shop owner. He said to let it sink and just leave it on the bottom. The high mountain lake we were fishing is about 20-30 feet deep with a line of huge house sized rocks lying about 3 feet or so under the surface running right down the center of the lake. Trollers avoid the center of the lake for this reason but it can be productive when anchored near or on one of these big rocks. We cast our flies to land above the rock then let it sink down the nearside to rest on the bottom. I have been practicing my double haul and was using it with success. (showing off a bit to the kids, hee hee) This put my fly out farther than they were casting. My casts were going over and past the rock so I would have to reel in a bit to let it drift down the near rock face to the bottom. My son Mike and my grandson Kyle haven?t yet learned the double haul their casts were just reaching the right spot. We were parked quite close to the rocks to enable their casts to reach far enough. I just finished a cast that went a bit beyond the rock but instead of dragging it back as usual to settle on the near side I had to stop to help my grandson who tangled his line down near my feet. Because of this my fly sank on the far side of the rock hanging about ? way down the rock face instead of on the bottom. As I cleared his line for him my 5 weight bent over double as a 20 inch trout biggest of the 3 day trip grabbed it. We released it and carried on fishing. About 10 minutes later my grandson said, I?m gonna fish over the other side of the rock like you did grampa. I quite frankly didn?t think that he could cast that far but he managed to get his caddis over and ? of the way down the other side of the rock. It had not been resting for more than a minute or two when He yelled fish on! A nice16 inch bow. My son in the boat anchored next to us tried it. Again a nice fish on. For the next 2 hours till dark we had a phenomenal time as fish after fish grabbed our caddis. We spent the whole next day anchored near those giant rocks fishing the far side. Our flies hanging about ? way down. It seems that the sides of the rocks have a large number of caddis on them that the trout were feeding on. It was a short 30 foot cast and we were catching fish after fish. My grandson Kyle spent most of the time between fish bragging that We only fished like this because He discovered it because Grampa didn?t know a good thing when he saw one. I think they had more fun teasing me than catching fish. A humbling experience to be sure . There is no way either of them will ever let me forget it. (Insert deep sigh here)