Got to go to the new cabalas in Boise last night on a invitation to all card holders. Went in to buy the wife a pontoon boat for her b-day and some waders. Didn't have either in stock so had to order. did end up buying a bunch of stuff though. got a 7 weight for the son for x-mas or steelhead and bought myself a 3weight. Just got the cheap set for $80. bought a bunch of fly tying stuff good price on hooks. Not real impressed with the store. Just another sporting goods store just bigger then most. great customer service though but then again the store was not open to the public yet. Had fun and made a night of it. Then got the big surprize. Wife wants to learn to fly fish! Start this weekend to teach her. She said it looked like I was having more fun then her in slamon catching all those cuts and rainbows and brookies.