I recently bought a 16 ft aluminum flatbottom boat that was pretty much what I've been looking for except that I would have preferred an all-weld and its riveted. Looks like a fun project to fix up and rig up the way I want with my kids. The boat was primered when I bought it. It doesn't have any leakes, but I'd like to coat the rivets before I paint them for peace of mind. I'd just like to put something on it so that when I paint it, I will be done having to worry about it and I'm wanting to put flat paint on it (roll on) and then I can always touch it up with some flat camo can paint.... , I don't want to have such a nice paint job on it that I don't want to scratch it..

Gluvit sounds like what I've been looking for but I can't find anyplace that carries it locally. Is there anything that I can pick up at the local hardware store that is tough, but not to rigid that has some give that I can paint over?

Here are some things I've wondered about?

3m 5200- Sounds real good, but is it paintable and will it peel?
JB Weld - Sounds good, and they carry a marine grade, but does it have any give?
Gorrilla Glue - Someone told me this would work good, but I'm not sure?