A few facts.

* Not all landowners are un-happy with this development. Many landowners, who sold the mineral rights, before they understood the potential, compose the vocal minority.

* The water, being extracted, is often from the same aquifers being used for potable, cattle, and agricultural uses.

* Montana is currently working on new plans for better reclamation.

* Wetlands aren't being lost and in many cases new ones are being created.

* The extracted water is finding new uses for agriculture and livestock.

* The drought, in the region, has a far bigger effect on the wildlife and fish. While difficult for most to understand, Wyoming and Montana has been in a drought for 7-8 years. People tend to correlate any declines with the drilling and not the drought.

* Not that it matters, but most(all?) of the drilling isn't in trout country. Correlate the drillings sites with the trout fisheries.

? Population drives the need to develop our own resources. Developing this resource helps Americans on many levels. From providing good jobs to creating products used by consumers. Including fertilizers, home heating, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

I only advocate safe extraction of our resources. I believe that resource extraction can be done correctly with minimal impact to the environment. I?m not directly involved in this development!