Just wanted to see if anyone else had watched this:

I think this was on 60 minutes or 20/20 something like that but it was a shame. From what I saw in a nut shell the government was trying to screw the land owner by drilling for natural gas on privately owned land in Wyoming. I know that I may never fish in Wyoming but the whole story was kind of crazy. Basically state law says that whatever is on top of the ground belongs to the owner and whatever is below belongs to the government.

They had this poor cowboy and other ranchers interviewed and said that they (government) was taking valuable water resources from their livestock to aid in the drilling process. All of the water that they use is stored in holding ponds that these companies put in to avoid the runoff. The land owners get a mere $500-1000 for allowing the govt. to drill on their land(they didnt have a choice). What kind of Bull!@#$ is this? In a few years there have been approx. 1700 wells put into service on private land! Is this effecting any of you flyrodders out that way as far as water.