I'm as brand new to fly fishing as a guy can get.. don't even have a rod and rell yet. I went with some friends over the weekend and used their gear throughout the day and enjoyed it unlike any other fishing I've ever done. I'm planning on picking myself up a rod, rell and other basics over the coming weekend and have a general idea of what I may need, but was wondering if I was going in the right direction.

I live in central Pennsylvania and fish mostly trout streams but enjoy fishing on the Susquehanna for bass from time to time. Also, I make two trips yearly to fish for steelhead in Erie county. This year, I'd like to fly fish up there.

I'm looking at picking up an 8.5 foot, 6 weight two-piece rod. Would you suggest anything different for a beginner? Please keep in mind I'm on a limited budget and just want to get into the sport for now. If I enjoy it enough, I'll most likely get gear to fit my different fishing situations, but for now I want something I can pretty much use anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any help, insights and suggestions!!