Nice trip!..I also got your email. The picture came through fine..nice trout & neat little stream.
FYI..I spent yesterday with my 3 year old Granddaughter, Erika...here's the routine:
Juice, sit on floor with Grandpa doing puzzles, playing games, then in my lap & rocker/recliner chair for reading, sit nose to nose with my dog Cocoa (talking to & kissing her), out to lunch & ice cream, back home for cookie (which she shares with Cocoa), stroll Mall while Grandma gets hair done, enter book store, leave with Erika's new book, get Grandma, eat, take Erika home, go home, open beer, sit in recliner, ZZZZZZZ!!
As you can tell, I had a GREAT day too!!.....Oh, by the way, Erika's going to have a new sister or brother due in October!....that'll make 4 grandchildren & this is the year the fishin' starts!!

We will definitely be setting a trip up for sometime in May or June!