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  1. MINT used once Patagonia vest front sling

    I bought this Patagonia vest front sling pack thinking I would change from a vest to a sling bag. I tried this sling for one evening of fishing and frankly, I prefer the vest because of all the (way...
  2. I used a pair of these last year and they worked...

    I used a pair of these last year and they worked very well. Didn't have to bother changing glasses when tying on a fly. Sunglasses and a small bi-focal type magnifier all in one....
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    Okuma Sierra 4/5 reel with spare spool

    I have an Okuma Sierra S4/5 reel and spare spool that is in need a good new home.
    This reel was purchased earlier this spring and has seen very light use. The reel is in excellent working...
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