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  1. FS: Simms DL Windstopper, 2 Haber Sunglasses

    Prices include Shipping to Lower 48

    Simms DL Windstopper - Black - Size Large - $100: Good Condition, no tears, frays, or significant wear. Nice heavyweight fleece for cold weather.
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    TFO Axiom 9' #10 4 pc.

    TFO Axiom 9' #10: Very good condition. Blank warranty card. Sock is for a #10 BVK (mixup). No tube. $155 shipped
  3. Lines: Single Skagit, Magnum, Outbound Short, and more...

    Sold...please delete
  4. FS: SA Magnum #7 Textured and 300gr. Textured Streamer Express

    SA Textured Magnum #7 $30: Line has been fished over a few trips, and is discolored, but is in otherwise fine condition.

    SA Textured Streamer Express 300 grain (8/9 wt) $45: Line is essentially...
  5. SA Mastery Streamer Express Kelly Galloup Long 300 gr.


    Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Streamer Express Kelly Galloup Long 300 grain for 8/9 weights.

    Line has only been used about 3 times and is in like new to very good condition.

  6. Bump for price drop

    Bump for price drop
  7. delete please

    delete please
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    FS: Simms Guide Jacket Large

    Simms Guide Jacket, Size Large, Green. The jacket has certainly been worn, but has been very well taken care of.

    Jacket has no holes, tears or stains and is still very functional. If you buy it, I...
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