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  1. FS: Scott F (Fibertouch) 6' 1 weight, 3 pc rod & 1 wt line (SOLD)

    This is an extremely cool little rod but I just like mine a slightly faster action. I've owned both the 6'6" 2 wt F and this 6' 1wt and prefer this although both have ended up being just a tad slow...
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    Reduced price!

    Reduced price!
  3. Reduced again!

    Reduced again!
  4. Reduced price.

    Reduced price.
  5. FS: Orvis T3 8'4" 3 wt -- 4 pc -- Mid Flex 6.5 SOLD

    This is the rod I picked up a couple of months ago. For a while the T3's were one of Orvis's top end rods. Mudhole still sells this blank for $260. This is a nice one!

    8'4" med/fast 6.5 mid...
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    FS: Sage Click II reel - SALE PENDING

    Excellent condition Sage Click II. Comes with neoprene case, original box, paperwork, and a spare clicker.

    2.9" Diameter, 2.4 oz. Will hold a complete WF3 or DT2 line.

    $199 SALE PENDING...
  7. Reduced price

    Reduced price
  8. FS: Orvis original LA I Battenkill (Made in England) SOLD

    I've added to my Click collection and am now parting with my Orvis Battenkill original LA I.

    The reel is in very good condition with no dings or nicks. It comes with the original case and...
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    Price Reduced

    Price reduced.
  10. FS: Redington CT 7'6", 4 pc, 2 wt -- like new -- ON HOLD

    I picked this one up the week before last to use as a backup rod. Like new. After I bought it I came across a Orvis Ultrafine 2 wt and like it a little more so this one needs to go. It's a great...
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    FS: Abel TR Light reel -- No longer for sale--thanks!

    Removed, thanks!
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    FS: Sage Click IV large arbor Reel (DEAL PENDING)

    I just bought this and it's larger than I anticipated. It's a used reel but I don't see any evidence of wear. I was looking for a reel for my 1 wt and this is just too big although it's very light...
  13. WTT: My Sage Click IV reel for your Sage Click I or II (DEAL PENDING)

    Hi, I just picked up a minty Sage Click IV reel that I was going to use it on my 1 wt TXL. I didn't realize how big the IV was. This is a fairly large reel even though it only weighs 2.6 oz. I'd...
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    Thank you all for the responses! Sorry I only...

    Thank you all for the responses! Sorry I only had one. And yes, it is great rod--very smooth!


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    FS: St Croix Legend Ultra 7'9" 3 wt, 4 pc (SOLD)

    I was going to use this St Croix as a backup 3 wt but changed my mind and bought something else.

    It's in very good condition and comes with a tube with internal compartments instead of rod...
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    If yours was not a rhetorical question then let...

    If yours was not a rhetorical question then let me attempt an answer. As a fellow Texan I regularly fish a 00 wt TXL, 1 wt Orvis, 2 wt Scott, and 3 wt Sage LL, and love them all.

    As you can see...
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