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  1. Looking for Spare Spool(s) for Ross San Miguel Three Reel

    I'm looking for a couple of spare spools for my Ross San Miguel Three fly reel. I think a Ross Vision spool would also fit. If you have one or know where there is one for sale, please let me know!...
  2. Hardy Marksman 5/6 click & pawl large arbor fly reel - NIB! *reduced*

    **Price Reduced to $179**

    Here's a brand new in the original box Hardy Marksman 5/6 large arbor click & pawl drag fly reel. This is a beautifully machined fly reel that has all the advantages...
  3. Mark Ruhe is a bamboo rod builder from Spokane,...

    Mark Ruhe is a bamboo rod builder from Spokane, Washington. His business was called "Bitterroot Rods," and he built rods primarily in the 1990's on a full time basis. He is featured in one of the...
  4. Price Reduce to $395!

    Price reduced to $395. That's way less than I have in the rod!
  5. Phillipson Taper 8.5' 3/2 5wt on Mark Ruhe Blank

    Sale Pending - thanks!

    This is a bamboo fly rod!

    Mark Ruhe (of Spokane, WA) custom-built the blanks for this rod for me in 1999. It is an 8.5' 3/2 5-weight rod with the taper coming from one of...
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    9'6" 5-weight rods

    Just wondering how many of you have a 9'6" 5-weight fly rod. If you have one, what kind of fishing do you do with it and what types of waters do you use it on? Does the extra 6" make much of a...
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    Pontoon Boat Storage Ideas?

    Where and how do you store your pontoon boat? Do you disassemble it to store it or do you store it assembled and ready to go? I have limited space in my garage; however, my garage has a high...
  8. New stillwater rod for Western fishing - what would you buy?

    I'm thinking about buying a new rod to use primarily for stillwater fishing in the West (maybe also use for nymphing/streamers on larger rivers). If you were to buy a new rod for this purpose, what...
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    Anyone Cast/Own a Scott G2 906/4?

    I'm looking for a 6-weight rod to use for Western stillwater fishing (including sinking lines), as well as for larger trout in streams (using larger nymphs and dries). Would a 9' 6-weight Scott G2...
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    Scott G vs. G2

    I loaned a friend in Utah my Scott G 905/4 (9' 4-piece 5wt) rod a few months ago, and he promptly had it stolen from his truck. He's going to replace it, but Scott no longer offers the G-series rods,...
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    Anyone Cast or Fish a New Scott G2 Rod?

    Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to cast or fish (or buy) one of the new Scott G2 rods. If so, what are your opinions? How does it compare with the venerable G series rods? I've always been...
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    Ott Lite - 13-watt or 18-watt?

    For those of you that have an Ott Lite (or similar), is a 13-watt lamp sufficient for fly tying on a stationary desk at home, or would an 18-watt lamp be better? I can get a 13-watt Ott Lite at...
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    Favorite Fly Box for Large Trout Flies?

    Looking for ideas for the ideal fly box for large trout flies, i.e. big stimulators, hoppers, stonefly nymphs, etc. I have on old SA fly box with the coarse foam, but it's about had it. I'd like...
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