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  1. Loop Cross S1 6-Piece Spey Rod, 12'2" 6wt.

    The rod for sale is a Excellent++ condition Loop Cross S1 CRO6122-6MF Spey rod. Length is 12'2", weighs 7.62OZ and the 6-piece design will fit in the 29inch tube for very convenient travel. Comes...
  2. Granger Aristocrat 7030 Bamboo Fly Rod (Reproduction)

    For sale is a GA 7030 repro built on a Goodwin taper. Rod was hand plane on oven heat treated Tonkin from Charles H. Demarest, Inc. and dipped varnished. Ferrules are REC Nickel Silver step-down...
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    Fly Fishing For Sailfish Sailfish May 2015/Sail_zpsh3tcmnaz.jpg

    The other day I was talking with a good friend to whom all fishing, fly fishing for big game...
  4. Tarpon in mid Mar 2015 : Keys or Everglades?


    I may have a chance to spend 4 days in Florida in mid Mar to fulfill my bucket list of getting a fair size Tarpon on fly. I know Mar is early for the migratory fish but that is the only...
  5. Abel Super 7 Fly Reel, Custom "Olive Spider" Color

    Abel Super 7 Fly Reel, Custom "Olive Spider" Color, + Lifetime Warranty

    For sale is an excellent+ condition in box Abel Super 7 reel in custom ?Olive Spider? color anodization. This reel comes...
  6. Saltwater Fies : DNA HoloFusion Sprats, 2/0 & 1/0

    Here are some saltwater flies that I bought for a trip to Australia that was never used that I'm letting. These are professionally tied flies that I had bought directly from the production company...
  7. Tibor Pacific Reel, Satin Gold. For sale or Trade

    This is a Tibor Pacific Fly Reel for sale or trade. This is a Satin Gold reel that comes with a blank nameplate. This reel is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I'd grade the condition a 9.5...
  8. Thanks for all the info. I expected all the...

    Thanks for all the info. I expected all the rivers recommended to be either in the West Coast, BC Canada or Alaska. Looks like there is a thriving Chinook fishery in the Great Lakes area too. I'll...
  9. Best river for Chinook on fly while wading?

    Hi, If travel distance is not a factor, and consistency of hooking a chinook is more important than the size of the fish, where will you go to fly fish for Chinook? The ability to wade fish is...
  10. Location & Guide Recommendations needed for Florida Tarpon in April/May 2012


    Would appreciate any recommendations for Location & Guide in Florida for Tarpon fishing in the April to May period. I'm not after trophy size fish but rather reliability on being able to get...
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    Does anyone have any experiences (positive or...

    Does anyone have any experiences (positive or negative) on Patagonia's Water-Master Waders?
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    Durable Fly Line Dressing?


    Thus far, I had tried those from Scientific Anglers, Mucilin (both red and green label) and even commercial Silicone and Teflon sprey, but none of these last more than 45minutes of continuous...
  13. Siskiyou Design Classic 5/6 reel (Hodge & Son)

    For sale is an excellent condition Siskiyou Design Classic 5/6 fly reel. This is similar to the Winston Classic reel series. This classic fly reel design is currently sold under the Hodge and Son...
  14. Granger Favorite 7633 7'6" 3/2 bamboo fly rod, by Gary Lacey

    For sale is a brand new Granger Favorite 7633 7'6" 3/2 bamboo fly rod, by Gary Lacey. The Favorite comes with full intermediate wraps. This rod is fitted with the classic nickel silver screw-lock...
  15. AJ Thramer Signature Hollowbuilt, 8' 3/2 5wt.

    For sale is one of by AJ Thramer's Signature Hollowbuilt, 8ft 3piece 2 tips. Cast a 5wt line with authority and accuracy. Excellent + condition. Thramer's hollow built rod goes for US$1295. I'm...
  16. Need advise on Redding CA area for mid Dec fishing


    I'll have the opportunity to fish the Redding CA area for 3-4 days in mid Dec (15-18 Dec) and would appreciate some information. I'm predominantly a tropical saltwater fly fisherman based in...
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    Which vest would you recommend?


    I'm in the market for a new vest and had been looking at the followwing 3 make & model :
    1. Simms Classic Guide
    2. Patagonia River Master
    3. William & Joseph Fusion

    Which one would...
  18. Re: Fishing guides and location in Hokkaido Japan?

  19. Fishing guides and location in Hokkaido Japan?


    Has anyone fished there for Cherry Salmon and a local Japanese Trout known as Yamame? I'm trying to plan a trip there this Aug but a Google search only turn up mostly Japanese sites. Would...
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    Alaska guide

    If you don't mind driving a little more than 2 hours to Cooper's Landing in the Kenai, look up Fred and Stacy at

    I fished with them in 2005 and found their service,...
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    classic reel

    How about a Leonard Bi-Metal reproduction?
  22. Thanks for all the advise!

    Thanks for all the advise!
  23. fly fishing near Kimberley, South Africa?


    Can anyone advise if there are any fly fishing opportunities at a small South African town call Kathu about 3 hours drive from Kimberly? I'll be there for 3 weeks in Aug and may have some...
  24. Trout Stream and Guides near Paris, France?


    I'll be in Paris for work during the first week of June and may be able to squeeze half a day for some fishing. Can anyone advise if there are any suitable trout streams or guide within an...
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    Hi JC, Does it look like a Peerless or more...

    Hi JC,

    Does it look like a Peerless or more like a Hardy?

    Best Regards
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