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  1. 8'0" Custom James Green Fiberglass, 3 piece, 5wt

    8?0? James Green, custom built by me. 3/1, 5wt, 3.15 oz., amber glass with spigot ferrules. This rod has a true medium action -- would be a great all-around trout rod. The reel seat has a...
  2. 7'2"/7'4" James Green Native Trout Series Fiberglass Rod, 5 pc, 3wt

    Custom built by me on James's NTS unsanded amber blank with spigot ferrules. This a slow action rod that reminds me of the action of the Fisher fiberglass blanks from the mid-80s. It is perfect for...
  3. Thomas and Thomas Original LPS Graphite, 9'0" 5wt

    Thomas and Thomas LPS 905-3, 5wt, 3 piece. This rod is from the original series of LPS rods produced by T&T a decade ago. This rod is one of the earliest of that series as it has the black...
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    Scientific Anglers GPX WF5F Fly Line

    Here's a line that I used maybe a dozen times, still in excellent shape. It is the regular GPX line (non-textured), chartreuse with a willow-colored tip and end loop. Re-spooled onto unoriginal...
  5. 7'6" 3 piece 4wt Custom James Green Fiberglass Rod

    Fresh off the bench, lawn cast only. Built by me on a 7?6? James Green blank. 3/1, 4wt, 2.65 oz. black unsanded blank with spigot ferrules. I don't think James will be selling any more of these...
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    Orvis Battenkill IV Mid-Arbor Reel

    Orvis Battenkill IV Mid-Arbor in gold, unused, NIB. Recently discontinued by Orvis. Takes a WF7 with 125 yards of 20 lb. dacron backing. Includes case and original box with papers. SOLD...
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    One of my favorite meals. I hope you have enough...

    One of my favorite meals. I hope you have enough leftovers for hash.
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    The article is about Southerners trying to...

    The article is about Southerners trying to reinvent an uninspired and ultimately unhealthy cuisine. Or at least take it back to to its beginnings (in terms of quality, local ingredients) and twist it...
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    For YLI Size 50 (91 colors): ...

    For YLI Size 50 (91 colors):

    Tire Brand Size 50 is also available (171 colors): ...
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    KB: If you're comparing how Size 100 silk...


    If you're comparing how Size 100 silk wraps compared to Size A nylon, it will be easier to avoid gaps and the dreaded over-wraps with the larger diameter thread.

    Personally, I've never...
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    KB: What exactly was your problem with silk? ...


    What exactly was your problem with silk? Did you get bleed-through of the varnish (blotchy wraps)? If so, how many coats of CP did you use. And what was your "regular CP"?

  12. Classic Silk Thread For Sale -- Belding Corticelli

    All sold -- sorry. Rich
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    Green River Enso Graphite, 9'0" 5wt

    9'0" Green River Enso (Custom). 4 pieces, 5wt, 3.30 oz. Built on a blank from Bob Gorman, also a noted bamboo rod builder from Vermont. (you can see his website at: ...
  14. Reduced

    Reduced to $225 shipped CONUS
  15. Diamondback Diamondglass Fiberglass Rod, 8'6", 3 piece, 4wt REDUCED

    8'6" Diamondback Diamondglass. 3/1, 3.50 oz., 4wt. Custom made on a blank from the last generation of the Diamondglass line. Struble reverse S/L seat with bubinga spacer. Reversed half wells grip....
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    Books for Sale

    Prices include media mail shipping. If you want Priority Mail, I'll calculate the difference between it and Media Mail.

    BARNES, GEORGE W. ? How To Make Bamboo Fly Rods. N.Y. ? B&W Photos ? 110...
  17. Hardy-Made Orvis Battenkill Mark IV with extra spool

    Lightweight reel made by Hardy for Orvis ca. 1980. In excellent mechanical condition. Set up for RHW but can be reversed. Great 5-6 wt. reel. Comes with an Orvis green felt bag. Spare spool is...
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    9'0" Angler's Workshop 9wt

    9?0? Angler?s Workshop (Custom). 3/1. 9 wt line. Black blank. Oversized chrome guides and top. Black wraps. Black aluminum rev s/l seat with 2? permanent fighting butt (cork w/foam cap). Full...
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    I suspect the capacity of this reel is the same...

    I suspect the capacity of this reel is the same as the current version of the CFO III:
  20. Orvis Battenkill Mark V (Hardy) Reel + 2 Spools

    Early, very lightweight Orvis Battenkill Mark V reel, made by Hardy. Set up for RHW. Larger capacity reel. Back plate is a little scuffed (see photos), but its mechanically excellent plus. ...
  21. Arrow: I do appreciate the offer, but $55 is...


    I do appreciate the offer, but $55 is firm on the spool. Good golly -- a new one for the current non-English version will cost you $125!

  22. PM sent. --Rich

    PM sent.

  23. Sorry, I pass.

    Sorry, I pass.
  24. Heddon 32o reel and a Hardy Princess Extra Spool

    1. Heddon 320 reel in excellent shape, recently greased. Japanese version of the Hardy Princess. Currently set up as RHW (can be switched). Old suede drawstring bag. See pics below. SOLD,...
  25. 9'0" Green River Enso blank, 4 piece, 6wt

    Glossy green graphite blank with spigot ferrules. $150 shipped.
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