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  1. New L L Bean 7' 6" fly rod, new Reddington fly fishing vest, 30 flies, book

    All these items valued at $280 for $150 plus actual shipping costs. Please call me 931-967-5778 if interested.
  2. New L L Bean 7' 6" four wt. fly rod plus Japanese made 8' 10" bamboo fly rod

    L L Bean rod is a brand new, four piece and expensively crafted. Never had a fly line on it. The bamboo rod is a three piece in great condition and appears never used. Scaling down. Both for $200...
  3. L L Bean Pocket Water fly rod , 7' 6" four wt., 4 piece

    This is a new, never used beautifully crafted jewel in soft sleeve and aluminum tube. Retails for around $200, Will sell for $120. For further info and to discuss payment arrangement, call...
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    LL Bean small stream fly rod

    To correct phone number from previous thread. The number should be 931-967-5778.
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    Small stream fly rod.

    LL Bean 7'6" 4 wt. 4 pc. beautifully crafted rod, brand new, never used. Retails for $205. Sell for $150 OBO plus $10 shipping in U. S. Please call 931-956-5778 for further information.
  6. El Cheapo bamboo fly rod. Best offer plus $10 shipping

    This is a no-name brand, no markings of any kind and likely an old Japanese three piece, 8' 7" bamboo rod that otherwise is in good condition - little if ever used and no rust and no frayed...
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    Scientific Angler System 2 4/5 wt fly reel

    Interested in Scientific Angler System 2 fly reel 4/5 wt. in good condition. Email me at
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